Hey, I’m Montana, friends call me Monty (like the 95-yr-old man that I am).


Ardently Texan with a bit of Cajun élan, I’ve got roots in both the San Antonio countryside and southeast Houston. Y’all is a word, and yes, I’ve ridden a horse to school. A recent business school graduate, I’m currently based in Chicago, IL, working at a consulting firm as a Digital Consulting Analyst.


You can usually find me in the dimly lit corner of an overcrowded coffee shop, hogging the outlets – the grinding of an espresso machine helps me organize my thoughts. However, when I do emerge, I love walking the city and people watching, making up stories for fellow passersby to my usual Strokes or Grimes playlists.


Notoriously emotionally inarticulate, my best shot at explaining my jumbled thoughts lies with pen and paper. I subscribe to a number of vices, namely binge watching old musicals and Twilight Zone reruns, hoarding paper plane/train/bus tickets from my travels, and ubering when I (too often) misuse the public transport. My friends have nicknamed me “the brooding introvert”, which I can’t necessarily debate. I spend a lot of time with my head in the clouds, but when I come down, I like to think I bring back insightful commentary.


Beyond NA destinations, I’ve traveled a handful of Asian and European countries. A young female traveler, sometimes solo, I’ve found that with a little Texan grit, missing the train is rarely as calamitous as you think (and usually leads to something even better).


I’m excited to share the many facets of my professional journey with you here on Cubicholia, and feel free to explore the more cobwebbed corners of my life on my personal blog [coming soon]. Follow me on Instagram @montanablair and I will catch you soon!

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